Free Kassa - working conditions
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Conditions of work

Before registering in the Freekassa service, read the brief description.
There are 3 types of registrations in the Freekassa system:

1. Merchant kassa (Accepting payments on an individual's website)
With this type of registration, you will be able to accept all payment systems with which the Freekassa service works. Withdrawal of funds is available immediately to any payment system from the Freekassa personal account.

2. Company (Accepting payments on the website for a legal entity LLC and sole proprietor of the Russian Federation)
With this type of registration, the connection of payment systems requires additional approval and it may take 1-5 working days, but the commission for this type of connection is lower than for individuals. The funds are withdrawn to the company's account on the next business day after the payment.

3. Wallet (E-wallet)
The FKWallet wallet allows individuals to make payments for services and in favor of online stores. Also make mass payments (payments) to various payment systems.

After registration, be sure to read the instructions for installing the cash register. Also pay attention to the fact that you need to specify an existing, properly designed, really working website and a valid e-mail.

The online store generates a link to the payment according to our instructions and informs the customer (places it on its website). The link indicates the total amount that the online store should receive.